FREE WEST PAPUA : Papua Linguistics Institute Submit Five Tons Of Aid For Victims Of The Earthquake In Papua New Guinea

Jayapura, PAPUNEWS.ID - The Papua Linguistic Institute (PLI) at the Pos Channel of State Limit (PLBN) Skow Jayapura handed over five tons of food and clothing material to earthquake victims in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Assistance from Papuans was handed over to PNG Consul Geoffrey Wiri accompanied by PNG border officials Ashley Wayne, Jayapura City, Monday (21/5).

"We are very grateful to the Commander of the XVII / Cenderawasih Military Region because it has helped the vehicle to transport various aid for the victims of the earthquake that occurred in February and killed more than 100 people," said PLI Director Samuel Tabuni.

Delayed delivery of assistance to PNG is due to limited transportation facilities considering the location of the earthquake Hela Province and Southern Highland Province.

"Hopefully, the assistance provided can ease the earthquake-affected PNG," Tabuni said as he said the aid collected by LPI has been conducted since last March.

The magnitude-7.5 earthquake, based in Papua New Guinea, was also felt in the southern part of Papua, namely Boven Digul district causing some buildings and houses to be damaged without causing casualties.

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