Free West Papua : National Commission on Human Rights The value of the KKB violates the Geneva Conventions

Jayapura, PAPUANEWS.ID - The National Commission for Human Rights Papuan Representatives criticized the violence and sexual harassment of 18 teachers in the Arwanop village of Tembagapura district conducted by the armed Kriminal Group (KKB) on Friday (13/4) last week.As a result of the violence, teachers experienced psychological trauma and injuries in some parts of the body. 

Even a female teacher with the initials MM experienced a prolonged trauma after being raped by KKB.Chief Executive Officer of the Papua National Human Rights Commission Commission Frits Ramandey said the actions of the perpetrators had violated the Geneva International Convention, Switzerland 1949 on humanitarian workers. Where in this regulation mentioned, that humanitarian workers in conflict areas should not get violent action from the parties to the conflict."Humanitarian workers include Teachers, missionaries and medical personnel or mantri. 

They are at the forefront of Indonesia to serve the community, "said Frits Ramandey.The National Commission on Human Rights in Papua deplored violent acts and sexual harassment of teachers in the Arwanop village they considered it an inhumane act. It also called on the authorities and local authorities to disclose the perpetrators of violence against teachers and crack down on the case."Disclosure is not necessarily by the police, can the local government (district level, red)," he pleaded.Related to that, his side has coordinated with Polda Papua "We thank you because the people have been taken to Timika, this is our desire for the victims to get protection," he said. 

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations of Papua Police AM Kamal said the consequences of KKB action caused the process education in Kampung Arwanop was totally paralyzed."Mash teachers are traumatized and temporarily unable to teach. Of course this is very detrimental to Arwanop children who are in dire need of education, "he said.Given 16 of the 18 teachers have been evacuated by helicopter to Timika on Thursday and Saturday. the 16 teachers consist of 7 women and 9 men (dew).

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