Free West Papua : Ludwina Tjoa want to help and serve the community

Merauke District People's Representative (DPRD) Member, Ludwina Tjoa, who was just sworn in to replace the late Jorgen Betaubun promised to help and serve the community as well as possible. "As a council, of course I should be able to do something for the community, although the task only remaining a year more," said Ludwina, told a number of journalists on Wednesday (2/5/2018).

She said that there is no other motivation when inducted into a board member, other than just want to serve the community. "My feeling is normal, when inducted into a member of Parliament Merauke," she said. Ludwina admitted, he still adapt to the environment on the council. "Indeed I am in Commission C of Merauke Parliament in charge of development and infrastructure," she said.

"The Commission is very suitable, because previously I was also a businessman and as a contractor. So a little more know the construction world, "she added. He also wants to be a channel of blessing for many. "My three children are already working and no one has to be pursued again. So, my focus is on serving the community, "she said.
The Chairman of the Merauke Regency DPRD, Francis Sirfefa, hopes that Ludwina Tjoa will quickly adapt to the legislative body so that the duties and responsibilities can be carried out. "According to the agreement, Mrs. Ludwina in Commission C of Merauke Parliament together with a number of other board members. Because previously he was a construction businessman, "she said.

Source : tabloidjubi

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