FREE WEST PAPUA : Lion Group Will Open a new route in Papua

Jayapura - Manager of the Lion Area Group of Papua, Agung Setyo Wibowo said it will open a new route from Jakarta-Makassar-Biak-Jayapura to go home using Batik Air plane. It is now taking care of the slot for route permits.
"We are taking care of a new slot to Frans Kaisiepo Biak Numfor Airport and Sentani Airport in Jayapura. Hopefully the slot can be, we immediately prepare to use Batik Air, "said Agung, in Jayapura City, Thursday (24/05/2018).

Related to flying hours, Agung said, will arrive early in Jayapura at 20:20 pm from Jakarta to Makassar, from Makassar to Biak arrived at around 5.00 WIT and arrived in Jayapura at 06.40 WIT.

Agung revealed the reason for opening a new route because it wants to accommodate the needs of the community. During this Biak route has never been flown, then use Batik Air plane because the long route to be flown.

"Aircraft Batik Air is no entertainment so passengers are not saturated with long flights," said Agung.

"With three flights I think enough, we will see more developments, if the demand added more does not close the possibility we added flight again," he added.


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