Free West Papua : Let's explore the exoticism of Papua at Lake Sentani Festival XI

Reported from Indopos, Never doubt the exoticism of the land of Papua. All natural beauty, owned by Papua. One of them presented through Lake Sentani Festival XI. There are a variety of unique cultural artworks of Cendrawasih Earth that will be displayed, 19-23 June 2018. So make sure you are there when the gong festival started beating.

"Lake Sentani Festival is very exotic. The view is amazing. It will become a powerful attraction. Not to mention the various treats of Papuan culture and unique artwork. Guaranteed anyone there is satisfied, "said Minister of Tourism (Menpar) Arief Yahya, Wednesday (9/5).

Lake Sentani Festival XI will be held at Khalkote Beach, Jayapura District. Theme of 'Khenambai Umbai, Satu Hati, Satu Jiwa, for Indonesia'. This festival will be a display of Pesona Indonesia from Bumi Cendrawasih. Evidence of diversity and cultural richness there.

Menpar explained, Lake Sentani Festival always give surprise. "The land of Papua is beautiful. Everything will be perfect with a variety of cultural artwork. They always insert energy in every work. Just wait for the surprises that will be displayed there later, "he explained again.

Solid menu already prepared for tourists. There is a Sagu Festival that describes the local wisdom of Cendrawasih Earth. Various Custom Rituals will also be given. Various works of art will be displayed colossally. Famous for its beautiful tones, this legitimacy will be featured in the Lake Music Show.

The more pampering tourists, Lake Sentani Festival also displays the other side. The culinary power there will be presented in an expo container. Not only that, a variety of unique handicrafts will also be displayed in the UMKM Exhibition. Improving the festival, Khayambai Umbai's Kolosal Dance will be featured at the peak of the June 23 show. This dance is performed by students in Jayapura District.

"The attractions to be displayed are all good. The Khenambai Umbai dance is worth the wait. Because, very typical and describe Papua in real terms. More special because it was brought in bulk. We are optimistic, this festival will be a magnet for tourists, "said Minister again.

The flow of tourists to Earth Cendrawasih is quite large. In 2017 ago, the number of tourist arrivals (tourists) reached 123 thousand people. Movement of domestic tourists or wisnus reached 156 thousand. The total number of tourists is surplus about 15% from the previous year. Movement is more promising, because the land route has been passed 12,616 foreign tourists in January yesterday.

"Lake Sentani Festival became one of the anticipated event of Tanah Papua. Therefore, this festival is a miniature of Papua. All presented in a complete and unique. Because of its charm, it is natural that many tourists who come there. For Lake Sentaninya just extraordinary, "said Expert Staff Minister of Multicultural Kemenpar Esthy Reko Astuti.

Exoticism is owned Lake Sentani complete with mountains. Lake Sentani lies 9,360 hectares. Located at an altitude of 75 mdpl. Its position is right on the slopes of the Cycloops nature reserve. Being the largest lake in Papua, Sentani is equipped by 21 small islands. More exotic again, Lake Sentani is a natural landspace of the Regency and City of Jayapura.

"Lake Sentani is very beautiful and the water is also clear. Zonation is also wide. This area is a great tourist destination. Accessibility is also easy as it is near the airport. Amenitas is also good. Anyway tourists will be made comfortable while visiting at the Lake Sentani Festival or enjoy the panorama of the lake, "said Esthy again.

Strengthening branding, Lake Festival XI also held an exhibition in Kuta, Bali, May 7-9. Jayapura Regent Mathius Awoitauw said he chose Bali as a promotional venue because of its big name. Because, this island has been echoed in the world. The island is also a tourist destination destination from various parts of the world.

"We want the world to know the existence of this Lake Sentani Festival. For that, our promotion is done in Bali. This island became the main entrance of the influx of foreign tourists. That way, we want the information of this festival quickly accepted by the world community. In addition, we also optimize the function of social media, "concluded Mathius.

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