Free West Papua : Legislators said Togetherness in Papua must be maintained

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Reported from tabloidjubi, Papuan Legislator, Yonas Nusi said all elements of society and government in Papua should always keep together, so as not to arouse prejudices that could lead to divisions in society. 

He said other regions in Indonesia need to learn from Papua. In the eastern province of Indonesia, various stakeholders ranging from community leaders, religious leaders, youth leaders, customary leaders, government and security forces have always met discussing how to keep the peace of the people. 

"In Papua there is no doubt in order to keep the Papuan people peaceful, religious leaders, public figures, customary figures in public appearances, do not issue statements that can provoke people to move against hatred against others," said Yonas Nusi, Wednesday 5/23/2018). 

Members of the House of Representatives Commission I of Papua, the government, politics, law and human rights have also supported the House of Representatives (DPR) to enact the anti-terrorist bill, but the government must commit to the eradication of terrorists, because the movement using religious symbols is considered to disrupt the stability of state security. 

"We support the terrorist bill passed, but when this bill is passed, it really should be enforced so that the state's stability is well implemented in order to keep peace in this country," he said. 

The same thing is said by another member of Commission I of Papua House, Orgenes Wanimbo. According to him, so far the relationship between people in Papua, well established. Do not let this relationship break just because of trivia. 

"Therefore, all parties must always maintain this condition, and there should be no things that can trigger a split in society," said Wanimbo.

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