Free West Papua : The joyful of Lampung Selatan DPRD member when in Merauke

Hasil gambar untuk DPRD LAMPUNG KE MERAUKE

A total of 10 members of the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) Lampung Selatan admitted proud and happy when menginjakan foot in Merauke district, as well as can dialogue with the local government and local parliament. This was conveyed by Vice Chairman III DPRD Lampung Selatan, Roslinah, when face to face with members of Parliament Merauke, Wednesday (02/05/2018).

"We do not imagine if Merauke has been very advanced like other areas," she said. It is said, when it came down from Mopah-Merauke Airport, they saw the development and development of the economy is growing very well. It was never imagined. The people of Merauke, she said, are very good and live in diversity. This should be an example for other regions in Indonesia.

"We also visited the RI-PNG border area in Sota District. The border area is very nice and started to be well laid out, "she said. She admitted there is happiness and experienced by 10 members of DPRD Lampung. It was well received by the Merauke Regent, Frederikus Gebze, and the local parliament.

"I see the relationship between the executive and the legislature here harmoniously. Surely this becomes a homework for us after returning to South Lampung, "she said. Chairman of Parliament of Merauke Regency, Francis Sirfefa, admitted that one of the potentials in this area is agriculture. So from year to year, continue to be developed.

"President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo has launched Merauke as a national food granary. So the agricultural sector from year to year, continues to be encouraged, "he said.

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