Free West Papua : HIPMI West Papua Shares Love in Pesantren

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The Regional Board of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) West Papua along with the HIPMI Raja Ampat Branch Management Board (HIPMI) held a Ramadan Safari 1439 Hijriah titled HIPMI Goes To Pesantren, as well as my Indonesian peace message campaign with the theme, "HIPMI Berbagi Kasih, Damai Indonesia, Smile Indonesia, Peace Negeriku "
Chairman of BPD HIPMI West Papua, Adriana Imelda Daat which is packed in the breaking of fasting together and delivery of aid for Pondok Pesantren, Muadzin Bin Jabbal, Waisai, Raja Ampat.
In the event, Adriana Daat provides motivation and education for santri and santriwati in the field of entrepreneurship.
This Ramadan safari activity also introduces HIPMI to pesantren residents, the goal is to provide education, inspiration and motivation to the students and santriwati.
"After graduation, the output is not only a preachers, besides delivering the proselytizing, we educate the santri to cultivate the field of entrepreneurship," said Adriana through a press release received, Monday, May 28, 2018.
According to Adriana, choosing a boarding school in Ramadan safari activity, is one of the HIPMI program that is HIPMI goes to Campus, HIPMI goes to School and HIPMI goes to Pesantren.
Especially at this time, the attention of the government and donors to the pesantren is still minimal. For that, since one year ago, HIPMI West Papua has shared the love for a number of pesantren.
On that occasion, Adriana also requested to all BPC HIPMI members in West Papua Province, to be actively involved in every religious activity to maintain friendship and fraternity in HIPMI family and society.
Head of Pondok Pesantren, Firdaus Alamsyah expressed his gratitude for the visit of HIPMI West Papua family and BPC HIPMI Raja Ampat. Pesantren Muadzin Bin Jabbal established since 2016. However, rarely the attention of the government and the donors from outside the region who attended this boarding school.
"With this momentum, it would be able to provide encouragement and attention from Raja Ampat Regency and other donors, to care about the development of pesantren cottage," he said.

Source : Kabarpapua

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