FREE WEST PAPUA : Fish Production in Jayapura City Increased

Fish Production in Jayapura City Increased
JAYAPURA - Through the guidance of field schools, training cultivation for fishery farmers in the village accompanied by the help of seeds and feed into a factor of increasing fish production.
The period of 2017, fish production in Jayapura City can increase its production 49,093 tons during 2017 or up 0.10 percent compared to 2016.

Increased fish production along with the level of fish consumption also increased in 2017 to 42.50 percent, up 0.20 percent from 2016.

"The support of all components of the people of Jayapura City is very important," said Head of Jayapura City Fisheries Department, Elsye Rumbekwan at the Mayor of Jayapura Office, Thursday (24/5/18).

Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano said by increasing fish production in signaling increasingly competitive community resources, improved finance and the economy and facilities and infrastructure are available.

"This has become a supporting factor, a trigger factor and a leverage factor in achieving the targets and targets as well as the results of the development achieved by creating a safe, peaceful and conducive city atmosphere," Benhur said.


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