Free West Papua : Do not listen to Issues of Hatred

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Reported from  tabloidjubi, Regent of Jayapura, Mathius Awoitauw, in the middle of this month of Ramadan entrust the message to the people not to hear the issues that are spreading hatred.
"The integrity zone we have set up in this area is proof that togetherness, tolerance among tribes, races, and religions can still be well preserved by all of us," explained Regent Awoitauw, in Sentani, Wednesday (30/05/2018).
It is said, all people of any religion should keep and provide space for our brothers who are performing the fast. Because this is their time to carry out what has been taught in their scriptures.
"This togetherness must be maintained in such a way as to become an example for other regions. When there is a problem here, only we can solve it, not someone from out there who will solve our problems, "he said.
Meanwhile, the Vice Regent of Jayapura, Giri Wijiyantoro, said the harmony of the people here is not only from the religious side. But the harmony of people of different cultures, different groups, groups, and races are also very awake. With the difference we remain a strength in the integrity zone.
"If there is someone who likes to look for the faults of a particular person or religion, it means that the person concerned does not understand well the integrity zone that has been proclaimed. Because a movement of goodness must continue to be submitted to all people in this area so that we all live in togetherness and mutual respect for each other, "said Pak Giri, greeting familiar Vice Regent of Jayapura.

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