Free West Papua : Customs and Excise of Papua Signed MoU on Rupiah Usage at Border Indonesia-PNG

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Reported from Republika, Customs Area Papua along with law enforcement officers in the border region between Papua and Papua New Guinea (PNG) do signing Memorandum of Understanding Task Force of Liability Usage of Rupiah in Area Border Indonesia and PNG. This is the background of Law No.7 Year 2011 which states the rupiah must be used in every transaction conducted in the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
Head of Customs Office of Papua Region, Padmoyo Tri Wikanto said Customs will help the enforcement of Law No.7 Year 2011. "Customs as one of law enforcement agencies, will help the implementation of this Law. any border crossers who come from other countries will immediately meet with Customs and Excise officers for inspection of goods so that Customs and Excise officers can know the potential use of foreign currency by border crossers from other countries, "said Padmoyo.
"The use of rupiah is very important because it affects the trust of the domestic and international community against the Rupiah so that the Government's goal to strengthen national economic resilience can be realized," added Padmoyo.
This Task Force is a pilot project that does not yet exist in other border areas. This is regarded as a pride of this initiative coming from eastern Indonesia. the law enforcement agencies involved include the Representative Office of Bank Indonesia Papua Province, Provincial Government of Papua, Military Region Command XVII / Cenderawasih, Papua Regional Police, Major Base Navy X Jayapura, Major Navy Air Force XI Merauke. Then Papua State Intelligence Agency, Financial Services Authority Office of Papua and West Papua Provinces, Directorate General of Immigration Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Papua, and PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Regional Office of Jayapura.

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