FREE WEST PAPUA : Cruel, OPM (Free Papua Organization) Torture Citizens Till Can not Speak

The Indonesian National Army has succeeded in releasing 13 people who were held hostage by armed groups from the separatist movement of the Free Papua Organization. According to the Head of Information of the Cenderawasih Kodam XVII, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Aidi, despite having to travel for two days and two nights, TNI soldiers managed to rescue the hostages without any loss of life. Aidi said, the hostage taking has been going on since April 17, 2018. The hostage took place in six villages in Aroanop, Papua.During that time, dozens of armed members of the OPM military standard continued to spread terror to the citizens. Not only that, the OPM also tortures the hostages. "The hostages were released in a safe condition, but they suffered severe trauma, because during the hostage they were tortured by military-standard armed forces," Aidi said.Aidi said, 13 hostages were successfully freed consists of 7 women and 6 men. Since rescued to this day, none of them has been able to tell the OPM cruelty to torture. "They are scared, the women can not talk, the only men can cry," said Aidi. The rescue operation led by Infantry Brigade Commander 20 / Ima Jaya Keramo, Colonel Inf Frits lasted for three days.A total of 50 joint TNI troops began operations since April 17, 2018. "Until the April 19, 2018 target. The team moved from Okinawa region to Aroanop since April 17, early morning and until dawn at 5:30 pm," said Aidi. In addition to successfully freeing hostages, the TNI also managed to master the 6 villages previously controlled OPM.Aidi said the hostage rescue operation will still take place, considering there are 3 other residents who have not been evacuated. "We had already flown helicopters, but had to return due to bad weather," he said. The hostage is the first case since OPM through West Papuan National Liberation Army (TPNPB) issued an ultimatum to fight against TNI and Polri.The statement of ultimatum of the war was announced by Major General G.Lekkagak Telenggen, after being inaugurated as Chief of Operations Staff of National Command TPNPB, on February 2, 2018, at Headquarters Kimagi, Yambi District, Puncakjaya, Papua. The ultimatum reading was uploaded TPNPB in its official YouTube account. In the video recording, the ultimatum was read officially with the background of the Morning Star flag and was escorted by dozens of OPM members armed with the barrel."War should not stop, war must be without international intervention in Papua, war ultimatum, I have announced, so war should be done where I, in Papua .. The provisions of our war rules have been issued that TNI Commander, Polda should be subject to the rules. TPN throughout Papua, the war should be based on this rule ... Our aim is to fight the war against TNI, Polri, already listed in the TPN rules, "said Lekkagak.

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