FREE WEST PAPUA : Commission II Appreciation of Governor's effort to Reduce Poverty

Jayapura, - It should be admitted that in 2015 - 2016 efforts to reduce poverty does not shift from 28.40, but in 2017 the poverty rate in Papua to 27.76 percent or 0.64 percent decrease. That is, currently the poor population in Papua as many as 1135,269 inhabitants, "he said.
Therefore, the Commission II of the House of Representatives of Papua greatly appreciates the efforts of the governor to reduce the poverty rate.

It was disclosed, Chairman of the Commission II of the House of Representatives of Papua Economic, Herlin Beatrix Monim told reporters in the session room of the House of Representatives of Papua on Thursday (24/5/18).

In addition, the Commission II of the Papuan Representative also acknowledges that there has been progress in the economic field that has been achieved for five years from 2013 to 2018.

Moreover, said this NasDem Party politician, if the macroeconomic indicators to see the development is quite encouraging, such as the declining percentage of poverty.

"When viewed from the budget policy directed to the districts / municipalities, it is necessary to do a rigorous evaluation and supervision to reduce poverty," he explained.

Moreover, he continued, the average real economic growth in Papua without mining from 2013 to 2018 amounted to 7.25 percent or increased.

It's just said Herlin Monim, GRDP according to field of business which in 2008 is still dominated by the mining of 64.73 percent, in 2012 to 2017, so decreased 40 presen.

"That means the dependence on the mining sector is starting to diminish, because there is a new passion for other sectors, especially agriculture, plantation, forestry, tourism infrastructure and services," he explained.

In addition, said Herlin Monim, recorded 2015 - 2016, components of the formation of HDI Papua also increased. Year 2016, Life Expectancy Rate 65.12 years, increased by 0.03 years from 2015 by 65.09.

Likewise, School Expectancy (HLS) 10.23 years, increased by 0.28 years from 2015 by 9.95 years. Meanwhile, the average length of school (RLS) 6.15 years, increased 0.16 years from the year 2015 of 5.99 years. Not to mention other improvement indicators.

"Yes, in the framework of the sustainability of the government, we see progress there is an increase over time. Especially at the end of this term of office, we give appreciation, just need to increase evaluation and supervision on budget implementation. Whether it takes place in provinces and districts / cities, first in the use of this special autonomy fund so that it really touches the people, "he said.

Especially so far, said Herlin Monim, 80 percent of it down to the districts / cities with the aim that people in the district / city that people really feel the benefits of this. So the special autonomy fund is really very good from the provincial government of Papua to this community.

"So, if we talk about the spirit of special autonomy in Papua for us in the period of 2013-2018, that is an extraordinary thing with the distribution of special autonomy fund of 80-20," he concluded. (TIARA)


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