Free West Papua : Chat with Fishermen from Papua, President Jokowi Interested Caught Crocodile

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Reported from kabar24, After receiving the visit of dozens of truck drivers at the State Palace, President Joko Widodo again received visits from fishermen representatives throughout Indonesia.
In his speech, Jokowi had touched on the importance of the transition of fishing gear using cantrang. Although many complaints due to the ban, he believes the use of fishing gear that is environmentally friendly have a positive impact in the long term.
"We must realize that the use of fishing gear is not environmentally friendly in the transition we will change. There is no name we want to hinder, no. The future direction of the fishermen should be able to read, the direction for our own fishermen, "he said, Tuesday (08/05/2018).
According to him, Indonesia's future is in the ocean because about two-thirds of Indonesia is an ocean.
To that end, Jokowi stressed the importance of maintaining the sustainability of the oceans by using environmentally friendly fishing gear so that the life cycle of fish and its ecosystem can be maintained.
"If we do not start the foundation, look ahead to us, it will not grow
The foundation is the process we build in order to have the results of fish farming production is done fishermen can increase, "he said.
To be more aware of the grievance of the fishermen, Jokowi invite one of the fishermen to go forward and discuss about the constraints of capture fisheries in the region.
Then, a mother wearing a Papuan fur hats that claimed to be named Marince came forward. A mother who also works as a fisherman comes from Mamberamo and mentions that 80% of fishermen in his area are women.
"We are here, we have 2,000 fishermen who are almost 80% female fishermen. Yes it is fishermen catch fish and fishermen catch crocodiles, "said Marince enthusiastically.
He told me the freshwater fisherman in Mamberamo has never had difficulty in getting fish. The reason, when the tide all the fish will rise to a higher place. Conversely, when the water receded he called the fish became the largest pollution in Papua because many fish floundered.
Although claiming no difficulty in getting fish, but Marince expressed difficult access to make the fishermen difficult to sell their catch.
Therefore, he invited Jokowi and Minister of Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti to visit Mamberamo Regency in order to know the obstacles faced by the fishermen in the field.
Responding to Marince's statement, Jokowi even challenged him to catch fish and crocodiles in Mamberamo.
"Later I will find time, I will see the lake that many fish. But if there is no fish baseball alert. Same as there nangkep crocodile can? Can I participate? I want to nangkep crocodile but with fisherman mothers lho ya, yes, yes, "he replied greeted with the laughter of the fishermen.

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