Free West Papua : Chairman of the Papua MUI said about The Israel Flag Convention No Need Panic

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Chairman of MUI Papua KH Saiful Islam Al Payage convey to the entire nation of Indonesia, especially the people of Papua, that the issue of the Israeli flag need not be exaggerated. It was addressed viral convoy vehicle with the raising of the flag of Israel or the star of David in Jayapura.

"So this is something we do not need to panic about, something we do not have to worry about, because what matters is that these flags have privacy rights, the privacy rights of every Indonesian citizen.Especially our nation of Indonesia is an Indonesian nation based on the recognized Pancasila all religions that exist in Indonesia, "said KH Saiful at his residence in the village of Angkasa, Jayapura, Wednesday (23/05/2018).

According to him, this problem need not be exaggerated and there are still many big cases that need to be addressed. He cited the problem of poverty, education, and health in Papua.
"There is a big problem, how the poverty in Papua, how the problem of development in Papua, how the problem of human rights violations in Papua, how to get behind the education in Papua.This should be responded massively, responded wisely, so the nation issue this from Sabang to Merauke can be justice for all the people of Indonesia, "said Saiful.

Previously, Head of Public Relations of Papua Police Commissioner Ahmad Mustifa Kamal stated the mass convoy in the video took place on Monday (14/5). Police were not informed of the action of the convoy.

"The convoys were conducted by participants who returned from community activities to their homes and there was no notice to the police about the convoy," Ahmad said.

Source : Detik

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