Free West Papua : Caring for Papua, President Jokowi [Message from Serui People for Jokowi]

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Translated from bahasa (Indonesia Language)

Many people are SOMAD (knowledgeably) about Papua, write something about papua.

Eh I live in papua since 95 do not want arrogant about papua writing, let alone knowing.

I live in Serui land, do not you know?

The thin edge of the community that lives on the bottom line since this earth exists. poor?? for sure, but we know how to be thankful to God.

Stop us who wrote about the children of Papua, do not you look up the name again as if to empathize with us but did not do anything.

You may be lucky to live in western Indonesia. happy to play, cheap and cheap.

You guys were born with the help of a doctor, we did not.

You can watch tv from birth even before birth, we're only 3 this year.

You can walk on the gallant asphalt. We?? thanksgiving is not a puddle of pigs.

Do you know how much the price of a bag of rice 50 kg ?? million guys a million !!

Praise God we are not too ordinary to eat rice in a small luxury. rice is a luxury for us, rich people's food. we just live with taro or enau. thank goodness for corn again cheap, a bit of luxury is we eat a family.

Do you know why our house is just like your cowshed? Who can afford one cement 2.5 million sack. See that much money never guys. just know read us here. think you want to buy cement to build a home, if carry a sack of 20 km cement already dead ahead us here.

So what are we angry with the conditions and imbalances that ?? no.

We are used to be stepchildren even considered a child charges.

We are commonly forgotten even though our natural wealth is dredged to the roots of the earth. Then the money is given for you in the west there. Asphalt you are slick, your house is bright, your school is good already, your hospital is luxurious.

What can we do ??
Can be dregs and damage from it all.

We are not angry, we willingly share with you, our natural wealth to beautify your area.

Then today our area starts in the wake, the hospital there is a doctor,

School is wearing shoes.

The price of cheap rice already,

Buy cement is not as expensive as diamond anymore.

Our way is wide. but you're noisy!

Are you the only one who wants a complete hospital?

Is it just you who want to paved road?

Is it just you who want to eat rice?

Is it just you who want to plug the power?

Heeiiiii us too ..

We are also human, Indonesian people. Suffice our skin is dark, our area is not!

Simply our hair is bumpy. Our streets do not !!

It is enough of our natural wealth that you dredge, your nature also do not be kind.

Ikhlaslah share a little with us children papua, children of the jungle who also want to feel how the human being feels decent. !!

In the hands of a carpenter who apparently is not dashing, his body is not well-built ...

But we are considered ...

We're on the same level.

We are appreciated as human beings Indonesia.

We do not know the carpenter's looks,

But the result of his work, made us know how wisdom, wisdom, justice, equitable welfare is in his leadership mind and he tries to do the best for us.

Building is not easy, let alone build Papua. areas with natural hills, winding structures and areas that are still brutal due to unspoiled development during this time.

All takes time .. all need a process ..

But a child of the Bengawan Solo river basin village has endeavored and continues to strive for the advancement of our Papuan children.

Thank you my president

Thank you Mr. Joko Widodo

In your hands, we feel worthy of being considered by Indonesian people.

Greetings from Serui ..

From a nation that has been marginalized.

Cristian Pundulay.

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