FREE WEST PAPUA : Bulog (Agency for Logistics Affairs) Biak Numfor distributed 60 tons of The Prosperous Rice

"Baru District of North Biak that has been distributed social assistance for quota of four months, yes every month quota of non-cash aid assistance in North Biak district 15 tons"

Biak (Antaranews Papua) - Logistics Affairs Agency (Bulog) Regional Sub-Division of Biak Numfor Regency, Papua, has distributed 60 tons of non-cash food social assistance in the form of prosperous rice for beneficiaries in North Biak District.

"New District of North Biak that has been distributed social assistance for four months quota, so every month quota of non-cash aid in North Biak district 15 tons," said Head Bulog Subdivre Biak Amirullah in Biak, Tuesday.

He called Bulog Biak subdivre distributing free literature to the poor beneficiaries by the amount of 10 kilograms / KK.

For the distribution of bansos rastra in other districts, according to Amirullah, is currently in the process of distribution done Bulog Sub Divre Biak.

"The non-cash-based cash management program for 2018 implementation for beneficiary families is not paid for free, so it is the right of the underprivileged people to be accepted," he said.

Amirullah hopes that the distribution of non-cash aid in the families of beneficiaries spread in 19 districts of Biak Numfor Regency is targeted by Bulog Sub Divre Biak can run after schedule.

He expects support from all elements of society, district heads, parliament and the ranks of the district government of Biak Numfor in timely distribution.

Based on the data of the literature ceiling consist of 80,808 tons or 6,734 tons per month for the 448,031 beneficiary families (KPM) and for West Papua 17,188 tons or 1,432 per month for the beneficiaries of 95,488 KPM. (*)
Pewarta: Muhsidin
Editor: Anwar Maga


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