Free West Papua : Border Security Safeguards Unit RI-Papua New Guinea provide Mobile Library

Man with guitar.
During the commemoration of the National Education Day (Hardiknas) in the border area, Perwira Pembinaan Mental (Pabintal) of Yonif Raider 500 / Sikatan Task Force, Letda Kav Bill Klinton Manurung explained that in addition to distributing snacks to the children in the border area, Other task force, also opened a mobile library.
"Truckloads of the Task Force truckloads, we conjure into mobile libraries.Inside the truck, there are various types of books that have been prepared by Task Force," said the alma mater of Akademi Militer (Akmil) in 2015 when met at the location of the mobile library.
While singing Indonesia Raya songs with the children, he also invites the next generation of the nation, to form a learning group. "Gradually, we provide understanding as well as learning materials about national insight," he said, Thursday, May 3, 2018.
Separately, Commander of the 500 / Sikatan Infantry Battalion Warrior Task Force, Lieutenant Colonel Inf Shidik added, concern in the reminder of the Hardiknas, is a form of devotion for himself, along with other personnel while in the border region.
For that, said this Commander of the 500 / Sikatan Raider Battalion, he will not waste the momentum of Memorial Day followed by children in the border region of RI-Papua New Guinea this time.
"Educating the nation's children in the border area, it is our responsibility (Satgas Pamtas)," said Shidik.

Source : Eksposnews

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