Free West Papua : Bahasa is A Unifying Language in Papua

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Sentani, Bahasa Indonesia is a unifying language in Papua. We visit various villages in Papua with Indonesian capital to communicate with the local community. This signifies the integration of Papua into Indonesia in 1963 had a positive impact on the development and progress of Papua. So says Pdt. Albert Yoku (Team 6 Leader) told reporters at his residence, Monday (30/4)."I as a religious leader in Papua convey the greetings of independence, we, the people of Papua as part of the State of Indonesia in the framework of our beloved NKRI.As a religious leader, I greet all the people of Papua who live in the Land of Papua," said Pastor Alberth Yoku.

Furthermore, he said, everyone in a certain time must have momentum something history. As an Indonesian citizen, May 1st must be known by all Papuans about 55 years of Papua's return to the motherland. Legally speaking in its language de facto de yure that May 1, that Papua become part of NKRI. 

Since its integration to date, Papua has undergone many changes until a new civilization in which Papuans have interacted socially from a homogeneous world into a heterogeneous one. So many changes in terms of facilities and infrastructure and basic needs in Papua. 

"If there is a conflict on May 1, it is only a handful of people who are not grateful for local wisdom of the people of Papua," said Pdt. Alberth Yoku."I hope this year and next year the better the harmony and integration of Papua back into the motherland is not politicized but deepened in life in Papua.Between religion and culture can make progress of Papua, because God is the substance of all substances that must be worshiped according to each belief , "he said. 

Meanwhile on the same occasion Ondofolo Sosiri, Enoch Boash said that Papua and Indonesia can not be separated. "As a tribe in Indonesia we are one brother, let us raise the line to build Papua I appeal to your brothers who often do activities that do not need to be stopped," said Enoch Boash.Enoch Boash invites all components of society to make self-corrections.  

"I appeal to all the Papuan people to remove and throw far away things that can harm ourselves.We can be a good person and build Papua into a peaceful land where God bless us," he said.Enoch Boash further reminded that the land of Papua is a blessed land to feed the world. "For what to look for independence again while Papua is the kitchen that can feed the world.Let us go back to NKRI, the country we love very much," he said.

Source : Pasificpos

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