FREE WEST PAPUA : Asmat District Government built hundreds of people's homes every year

"We build community homes every year, ranging from 200 to 300 units, each year"

 Asmat (Antaranews Papua) - The government of Asmat Regency, Papua, builds 200 to 300 housing units each year, according to the program launched by Bupati Asmat Elisa Kambu and his deputy Thomas Eppe Safanpo.

Asmat District Government programmed the construction of community houses in 224 villages (villages) and 23 districts (kecamatan) in the district.

According to the Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) 2016-2021 or for five years, Asmat District Government targets to build 1,500 houses for Asmat people.

Asmat Regent Elisa Kambu, at Asmat on Monday, said that each year the local government builds 200 to 300 houses for indigenous Papuans in Asmat District.

Local governments focus on building housing infrastructure, because it is still needed by the community.

"We build community houses every year, ranging from 200 to 300 units, which is done annually," he said.

He said the local government has built approximately 1,000 units of community homes during the period 2016-2017.

In 2016, the government has built 511 units and in 2017 done as many as 432 units.

"The ministry of PUPR will also build 150 units this year, and they will invest 1000 houses in Asmat, with a budget of Rp60 million per house," he said.

Elisa Kambu hopes that the PUPR Ministry empowers local communities in home surgery programs, such as recruiting laborers.

"We may use local people, while for building materials can be imported from outside, we hope that the community can be utilized," he said.

Head of the People's Housing, Settlement and Land Affairs Office of Asmat District, Ewang Massau, said that the company has built 518 houses throughout 2016-2017.

"In combination with other institutions, a total of 1,000 units are allocated: the Public Works Department and the Social Service also program the construction of houses, some of which are programmed by ministries," Paewang said.

He added that by 2016 310 units and 208 units will be built by 2017. The housing project budget is sourced from DAK, DAU and Special Autonomy.

"The size of the 4x5 meter house with the construction of the board, on average each district gets 10-15 units," he said. (*)
Pewarta: Eman
Editor: Anwar Maga


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