Free West Papua : Against Hoax, Google Provide Training of Papuan Journalists

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Dozens of journalists from electronic and print media in Jayapura City participated in the Google News Initiative training. Internews training in cooperation with AJI, in order to provide knowledge about how to check a fact using the tools available on Google, with the hope can be applied in everyday life, especially in making news.
The Trainer of Google News Initiative, Renardo Sinaga, told that the training also provides journalists for Papuan journalists that the hoax information is about every line of life, from health, politics, religion and so on. It is even potentially damaging to human life especially in Papua.
"All journalists, whether in Papua, must have the ability to verify and check facts outside of their journalistic work, because every tool that journalists will use will continue with their daily work," said Edho, Renardo's call, Sunday, May 28, 2018 .
Edho added that Google sees Indonesia as one of the world's most Internet users, so Google formed a program called Google News Initiative to provide understanding and education to the public in news coverage through journalists.
Plus, the hoax information in Papua can take root to the village head or adat chairman. Then, if someone who makes the hoax it can control the head of the village or ondoafi, it can be dangerous because other people will follow what is said by the head of the hood.
For example, in Lany Jaya and Tolikara, there will be a new hoax inauguration of the new regent with a new decree made by the Minister of Home Affairs. Whereas the regents in Lany Jaya and Tolikara were only one year old. Even circulated also information that already prepared pigs to burn stones.
"Just imagine, why can people believe and follow? because the hoax has already entered the traditional leaders and religious leaders in the village until finally the community follow, "he said.
Especially for now, said Edo, in Papua is in the stage of election of the Governor of Papua which has only two candidates. It is also potentially a hoax made from supporters who are not happy with other couples.
"That's why journalists we invite, because we believe journalists in Papua still have the power to provide understanding to the public," said Edho while closing the conversation with

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