Free West Papua : 55th Anniversary of Papua Return to NKRI

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Reporting from Antara News Papua, Jayawijaya District Government, Jayawijaya Regency Government Province, Papua Province, held a 55th anniversary ceremony of the return of Papua to the motherland of Indonesia, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), commemorated every May 1st.The ceremony took place at the Jayawijaya Regent's Office on Tuesday (1/5/2018), which presented representatives of civil state apparatus (ASN), TNI / Polri and a number of students from various levels of education.

The ceremony was led by Jayawijaya Regional Secretary Yohanis Walilo, who was attended by Jayawijaya Police Chief AKBP Yan Pieter Reba, Dandim 1702 / Jayawijaya Lieutenant Colonel Lukas Sadipun, Secretary of Education Office Bambang Budiandoyo and a number of department heads.

Sekda Jayawijaya Yohanis Walilo said the ceremony only involved government officials and school children because Jayawijaya regency received a late radiogram on the implementation of the ceremony.

"We get a sudden radiogram so we do not involve the community, but I think the representation of the community we do in the form of ceremonies involving school children, youth, military / police and civil servants," he said.

Yohanis said on the anniversary of the return of Papua to the Unitary Republic of Indonesia also involved figures in Jayawijaya fighters who had been involved in fighting for the return of Papua into the lap of Mother Earth"Since this integration, progress for the progress we have seen, we recognize there are differences between before we go to Indonesia, because after we go to Indonesia, there is much progress," he said.

He invites the Jayawijaya community to take advantage of the freedom given by the Indonesian state to compete in a healthy way. "We have to go further than the western regions so there will be no social gaps in society," he said.

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