Verify Lean Issues, Solomon Islands Want to See Papua Closer

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One Pacific country, Solomon Islands, warmly welcomed the Indonesian Government's invitation to see Papua closer. According to the Ambassador of the Solomon Islands for Indonesia, Salana Kalu, the Indonesian Government's invitation is very important to verify the various oblique issues about Papua. "I believe that it will make us better understand each other and not just that, but also get closer," said Salana Kalu at the Office of the Coordinating Ministry for Political and Security Affairs, Jakarta, Monday (24/4/2018). According to Kalu, his country gets a lot of information about the situation and conditions in Papua. He acknowledged that there might be untrue information about Papua.

He said, the amount of information about Papua comes from the media including social media. Therefore, the Indonesian Government's call to Indonesia is important to verify the real conditions of Papua. "Maybe the information we received is incorrect, but some information will be better if we verify first so it would be better if we visit Papua directly," he said. "You know that Indonesia is a sovereign country and allows other countries to visit and see issues related to sovereignty, that is a big step," he said. He believes that Indonesia's invitation and openness will be an important step to build a better relationship between the two countries. Previously, Wiranto expressed, the existence of false information about Papua submitted to countries in the Pacific.

As a result, countries in the Pacific have bad ratings to Indonesia. RI considered to allow violence in Papua, Indonesia is considered not to build Papua. In fact, said Wiranto, RI is considered colonizing Papua. "Such information is certainly not true, I ask my friends from Solomon to see Jakarta, to see other regions in Indonesia, to see Papua," he said. "This is our way of convincing friendly countries that much of today's information (lies) are being misused, the information disseminated does not fit the reality," Wiranto said. The former ABRI Commander said that the information was distorted, which was devalued, namely information on development in Papua. According to Wiranto, if the information is not true it is left, then Indonesia will be sad. Because the government has worked hard to build Papua to be more advanced.
Source : Kompas

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