The Central Government Allocated Rp2.5 trillion to PLBN in Papua

Quoted From Papua.antaranews, The central government allocated Rp2.5 trillion to build the State Border Posts (PLBN) in border areas in six districts / municipalities in Papua Province.

Head of the Border and Foreign Cooperation Bureau of Papua Province Suzana Wanggai, in Jayapura on Monday, said the six areas of Merauke are around Rp645 billion, Boven Digoel Rp167 billion, Bintang Pegawai Rp298 billion, Keerom Rp122 billion, Supiori Rp75 billion and Kota Jayapura Rp107 billion.

"With the declaration of border development by Menkopolhukam, it marks the implementation of border management program and integrated border area development throughout Indonesia," he said.

According to Suzana, while the election of Papua Province, specifically Merauke District as the host, shows the high concern of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to the border areas throughout Indonesia, more specifically Bumi Cenderawasih.

"I see the attention of President Jokowi is very high to Papua, even it is not just a slogan, but it has been realized by building a cross-border post (PLBN) in Skouw, Jayapura City," he said.

He explained that through this declaration there is a budget that is disbursed to build all border areas in Indonesia, as well as Papua which borders directly with other countries, such as Papua New Guinea and the Republic of Palau.

"Therefore, it is expected that this entire budget will be used as much as possible to build border areas in each region," he said again.

He added that the Central Government and the Papuan provincial government are keen to improve and develop border areas, where this year, it has been proposed to build PLBN in Sota Merauke regency.

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