The Biak Numfor Police Helps Provide Staple Food For Residents

Quoted from Papua.antaranews Biak Numfor Resort Police Officers, Papua, provided basic food packages to hundreds of heads of families of Kampung Aseryendi and Didifu District of West Biak to assist the community to fulfill their food needs.

Head of the village of Aseryendi Biak, L.Mandowen, on Thursday said the provision of food aid conducted by Biak Police Chief AKBP Rachmad Amsori S.Ik, was the first time conducted Police institution in Biak Numfor District.

"I am grateful for the provision of basic needs done by the Chief of Police, this is a concrete manifestation of Polres participation to improve communication with citizens in maintaining kamtibmas," said Aseryend Mandowen.

He expects the awareness to be realized Polres Biak Numfor can be an example for other institutions in building communications with communities in the suburbs.

Mandowen admitted that the basic food packages given by Polres are very useful because they become the daily necessities of the villagers of Aseryendi.

"I am very grateful with the help of food packages from Police Chief Biak, yes hundreds of heads of families get the division," he said.

Rachmad Amsori said the provision of food packages to villagers Aseryendi and Kampung Didifu is a real concern Polres Biak.

He hopes that the assistance provided can overcome the daily needs of citizens despite the amount given in limited numbers.

"As Biak Police Chief I want to establish direct communication with the villagers to create a conducive kamtibmas in order to succeed elections in conjunction with 2018," he said.

The distribution of food aid packages from Police Chief Biak Numfor AKBP Rachmad Amsori directly accepted by villagers Aseryendi and Kampung Didifu.

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