Jokowi Gets The Title of War Commander From The Indigenous of Asmat

Quoted from Tribunnews, President Joko Widodo paid a working visit to the Asmat district of Papua on Thursday (12/4/2018).

In this visit, Jokowi get special gift from local people. Jokowi was awarded the traditional name of Kambepit. As for the title for the Head of State, the warlord of Asmat.

The awarding of the adat name following the title was held after Jokowi stepped down from the helicopter and stepped on Asmat ground for the first time at Port Agats.

"Welcome. Today Asmat community gives the name, Kambepit with the title of warlord of Asmat customary, "said one indigenous elders.

The name of Kambepit is taken from the name of one of the ancient Asmat warlords. Not only known for clever war, Kambepit is also a customary leader of change for the Asmat community.

Along with that, the traditional elders handed oars to President Jokowi. "Father, this oar we give to you to row the boat republic, lead us, so as not to deviate from the state goal," he said. "We have suffered. But we believe our warlords will lead us into a better future, "he continued.

Not only rowing, elders also handed a noken to the President. One of the elders stood in front of Jokowi, then draped a noken around his neck.

The procession of giving the name of adat along with the title to Jokowi as well as the opening event of Head of State activity in Asmat Regency.

After that, Jokowi will attend a number of events in Asmat. Starting from face to face with mothers and children, reviewing the construction of a clean water storage installation to review the museum.

The President and his entourage plans to depart from Asmat to Timika on Thursday afternoon.

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