Hundreds of Biak Students Join The Saleh Children Festival

Quoted from Antaranews.papua, about 750 Paud / TK to SMA students in Biak Numfor District, Papua, follow the Festival of Saleh VIII (FAS) to welcoming the celebration of Isra Mi`raj of Prophet Muhammad 1439 Hijriyah, in Biak on Sunday.

Secretary of Islamic Biak Day Committee (PHBI) Muhammad Kuswoyo in Biak, Sunday, said FAS is a means of channeling the talent interests of Indonesian children who are intelligent and character.

"With the FAS that every year held PHBI expected to improve student achievement in various branches of the race," said Kuswoyo.

Kuswoyo said the branch categories of the 2013 FAS race include coloring pictures for Paud / TK, calligraphy for 3rd and 4th grade elementary students as well as disciples of elementary school / MI and the azan contest for elementary, junior and senior high school students, "said Kuswoyo.

Another benefit is FAS, which provides a venue for gifted children in Biak Numfor District to improve the quality of the value of faith and piety to God Almighty.

"The board of PHBI members are grateful to the representatives of participants from various schools and TPQ students in Biak Numfor District," he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Board of Mosque Indonesia Biak Haji Saepuddin admitted the competition in FAS programmed PHBI every year is expected to unite the children of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke.

"The Indonesian Mosque Council is very fond of FAS 2018 because this becomes a race event for the recognition of interest in student hobby talent," he said.

For the champion of order 1st, II and III winner, the caravan of TPQ Masjid Agung Baiturahman, the winner of SD Yapis 1 Biak.

One azan contest champion Saldi SMA Yapis, second winner M.Nurkholik TPQ Al Amin, third winner Abdul Malik (DDI Babussalam), champion of hope Shidqi Shafwan (TPQ Al Amin.

The champion of Quran calligraphy branch, the first winner is Muhammad Ar Rahman Alhafits SD Yapis 1 Biak Kota, 2nd champion Yasmi Hana (SD Permata Plus), third winner of Fairuz Zakiyah Rihadatul Aisy SD Yapis 1 Biak Kota and champion of hope of Vdao Raden Ainstein Nurdian SD Plus Permata.

Branches of TK / Paud championship 1 Queennayra Nardiansyah (TK Permata Insani), Sofiyatul Humairah (Masjid Al Ihlas), Khoirunnisa (TK Al Madina) champion, champion one Mohamad Takbir (TK Yapis), champion of two Kayla (TK Aba) , the three hope champion Jihan Puspita Sari (TK Aba).

Category of coloring contest champion Afifah (TPQ Al Amin), second winner Hafizah (TPQ Al Amin), third winner Andi Raskiah Zahra Sri Maharani (SD Yapis 2), champion of hope A A.Dantantika M (SD Yapis 1), champion of hope two Syakira (TPQ Al Amin) as well as three hopeful champions Rojwaa Khairana Putri (SD Yapis 1).

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