Free West Papua : TMMD In Biak Targeted Toward the End of April 2018

Implementation of the 101th Entrance of the Village Manpower (TMMD) program, in 2018 in Wandos village, Bondifuar District, Biak Numfor District of Papua, has reached 30%
Commander of Kodim 1708 Biak Numfor, Lieutenant Colonel DC.Soumokil explained that the construction of 25 residential houses is targeted to be completed on 30 April.
"To this day, the 13th day we have implemented physical objectives in the form of building 25 units of houses has reached 30% although there are some items that need to be improved, and based on a review of the father of Danrem 173 / PVB at the site last Friday and provide direction and input to us to get better results for beneficiaries, "said Dandim in Biak, Tuesday (17/4/2018)
"Our 150 personnel are still in the spirit together with the people in Wandos village to complete the construction of the house and are targeted to finish before TMMD closure in early May 2018," he added.
Dandim expects the entire implementation of TMMD to run smoothly and invite citizens to participate in supporting the activities of TMMD and other government programs.
"Citizens are expected to actively assist the implementation of TMMD, by maintaining environmental hygiene," he concluded.

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