Free West Papua : OPM Confessed that have been Burn Hospital and School in Papua

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The armed group of the West Papuan Liberation Army, the Free Papua Organization, claimed responsibility for the burning of schools and hospitals in Kampung Banti, around PT Freeport's mining area in Tembagapura, Timika, Papua some days ago. In fact, the OPM threatens to continue to launch attacks on Indonesian facilities and interests.
Chief of Staff of Defense Area Command (KASDAP) KODAP III TPN OPM Freeport Coffee Time Hengki Wanmang said the burning of school buildings and hospitals because the facility is in the interests of Indonesia.
"We are responsible, we are burning school buildings and hospitals," Hengki said via electronic message Wednesday April 4, 2018.
He continued, it will continue to launch attacks on facilities owned by Indonesia. "We will continue to attack," he said.
The arson took place on 24 March in Banti II Tembagapura Papua. "Freeport finances the Indonesian military for access to Banti through approaches with schools and hospitals, and the act of arson is a form of our refusal," he said.
Forms of Rejection
The burning of hospitals and school buildings is considered a form of rejection of the Indonesian military presence in Banti, as well as the activities of the village government or official activities of the Indonesian government system in the Tembagapura region of Papua.
"School and hospital activities are part of the colonial Indonesia system in Banti Village, we OPM reject it, and the OPM has occupied Banti Village today," claims Hengki.
Hengki also considered that the hospital is like a workshop, because it does not heal even more ill and died so it is not feasible for the people of Papua, not only in Banti but almost all of Papua is the same.
In addition, he stated that he had written to the management of a PT Freeport company that the OPM OPM would force the closing of all activities of the company, and if it continued, the shooting and burning of the facility would continue until PT Freeport in Tembagapura was closed.
Meanwhile, OPM spokesman Sebby Sambom, who also acts as a TPNPB Diplomat overseas, said all Indonesian activities in Papua should be stopped.
"What buildings are owned by the government of Indonesia should be destroyed, that is what is set in the principle of war TPNPB, that is war of war liberation in the international war rules, so opponent until Papua independence," he said via electronic message, Wednesday April 4.

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