Free West Papua : Currency of KINA gets Serious Attention Government of Indonesia-PNG

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Boven Digoel Regent, Benecditus Tambanop revealed, is currently a concern of cooperation between the Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Indonesia is related to the quinine currency that became the official currency in the country. Even Benecditus Regent said, the problem of quinine currency is only valid in Papua New Guinea because the quinine currency can not be used outside. 

"Well this is what we should also be careful of, because there are some obstacles that occur and then, when we want to exchange money.For example, the repatriation of the quinine currency to the American dollar, it is difficult for them to receive.This is the obstacle that we must consider, "he told reporters over the weekend in Jayapura. 

Moreover, he continued, in a meeting Border Joint Comitee (JBC) between Indonesia and PNG, recently revealed again that there are so many quinine currency stored in Banks in Indonesia. But the Regent said, when they want to be exchanged either into the currency of dollars and rupiah, rejected by PNG state government. 

"This is a good consideration for the Indonesian delegation at the JBC meeting in Denpasar, Bali recently," he said. It's just said the Regent Benecditus, there are certain commitments that can not be followed up. "In making commitments, we also have to take care of such situations in the future.We are also afraid, lest what we commit is not committed.This crude term, the goods arrive but the money does not come or farther, sometimes it can be termed the exercise etc. That's what happened, "he explained. 

Therefore, the central government reminds the local government in Indonesia which is directly adjacent to the neighboring state of PNG. Including the Government of Boven Digoel and Merauke Regencies related to this currency exchange Kina. In order to implement or make certain commitments. "Do not get too far cooperate with no results, it will be better to cooperate using the term there is no money or goods there otherwise money there, so no first love the money," he explained. 

According to the Regent, if money is given first, then the goods are rather difficult to get between the two countries. "If something like that happens, then to follow it up is also difficult in their place, with various conditions of government there," he explained. But he continued, if the opposite of PNG follow up in Indonesia is even easier. "That's what the central government tells us," he explained.

Source : Pasificpos

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