Free West Papua: Chairman of Papua Projo Appreciation of Transportation Minister for Transportation Facilities Development in Papua

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Chairman of the DPD Projo Papua Province, Moses Morin appreciate to the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi over in the notya means of transport facilities of new lines of sea tolls and air bridges. Thanks to the performance of Budi Karya, Morin said the current price of fuel and cheap cement prices in Papua came true.

"Indeed, during the construction of facilities both airports and docks in Papua what is very disturbing is the land, but we want to emphasize the issue of land compensation is the responsibility of the local government so that in the construction there must be cooperation between the parties concerned," he said in the description the press received, Saturday (4/28/2018).Morin said all facilities are being opened from coastal areas to mountainous areas of Papua. Thus, 

Morin said, the Minister of Transportation has launched the Fifth Precept of Pancasila, namely social justice for all Indonesian people. The most important sectors in Papua are transportation and transport regulations. According to Morin, the task is quite heavy now carried by Budi Karya.

In order for all Government programs to be felt in the Land of Papua, Morin asserted that they continue to guard all forms of connectivity development from sea, river and air to provide the common price of the needs of the people of Papua. 

Morin added that his party also supports one of the Ministry of Transportation's programs related to the plan to build airports in areas that are very isolated and are in areas still occupied by groups such as the separatist Agdugume. "This proves the country is present there as long as it is still in the territory of NKRI," said Morin.
Source : Tribunnews

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