Ampera Papua Asks National Commission on Human Rights to Hand Down for Sexual Harassment Case By KKSB - JAYAPURA -It is not just a voiceless acceder and strongly condemns the Action of the armed Separatist Armed Group (KKSB) against the teacher of SD initials GR in Aroanop Kampung, Tembagapura District, Mimika Regency, Papua.

The Papuan Youth and People's Alliance (Ampera) Papua also condemned the KKSB action and faced Komnas HAM. This denounced the Chairman of Ampera Papua Stenly Salamahu Sayuri told reporters in Jayapura, Thursday afternoon (19/4/2018).

In addition, the Police and TNI / Police of the Republic of Indonesia to take immediate steps will also assist the Papua DPR in this commission V immediately take strategic steps with the aim of providing a sense of security and comfort to every teacher and health workers who serve in remote areas of Papua.

Stenly said things done KKSB has tarnished and damaged the devotion of teachers in the interior of Papua.

"Master serving in Papua is not easy, need to sacrifice money there. For that the people of Papua should condemn this event, "added Stenly.

He also requested special treatment by the state against teachers, for example a sense of security for teachers and medical personnel in the interior.

Meanwhile, Dominggus Erari, General Chairman of the Student Association of Waropen / FKIP Students of Cenderawasih University said that this event will serve as a prolonged trauma for teachers and health workers serving in the interior.

"This is a very worrying event, how not a reasoned group for the sake of independence of Papua to take action outside of humanity," he explained.

From data of Military Region Command XVII / Cenderawasih mentioned teacher of Victims of Violence and Sexual Abuse by KKSB Papua Successfully Evacuated today, Thursday (19/04).

It is said that as many as 13 teachers in Elementary School (SD) Aroanop and Jagamin successfully evacuated by TNI members to Timika.

Caperned Release XVII / Cenderawasih Colonel INF Muh. Aidi using the full name, the teachers for 18 people consisting of 11 men and 7 women, will be able to be evacuated from Aroanop to Timika as many as 13 people consisting of 7 women and 6 men for 5 teachers still in the village of Aroanop to await the next evacuation.

Colonel Inf Frits as Dansatgas explained that the current and conditions in Aroanop's village are safe and controlled which is guarded by members of the TNI.

"Currently the condition of the villages above is under control with the TNI has turned KKSB back and the introduction of Aroanop village," he explained.

After arriving in Timika, one of the contract teachers at SD Aroanop, Rano Samsul who is also a victim of violence explained that the incident occurred on Friday at 15.00 WIT.

"So they went into the village quickly and held us for 45 minutes and we also did not know what the purpose and purpose of KKSB to the village. We are all teachers mugged using firearms in the head, "he said.

He also explained that between men and women are separated.

"The female hostages were tortured by being beaten, kicked and the KKSB group also sexually harassed and caused psychological trauma," he explained.

After 45 minutes of taking hostage, KKSB went with 10 HP, 4 Laptop, some food and clothing of the hostages.

"They all seized our belongings, they were about 20 people with firearms and sharp weapons and we could not do anything about it," he said again.

Teachers who teach at Jagamin Eustakhius Lefteu Elementary School also explain the state of teachers teaching in the village of Jagamin, where the situation of teachers there in good health.

"Teachers who teach in jagamin elementary school are afraid of the problem of KKSB, thankfully there is no violent acts committed by the group of teachers in Jagamin," he explained.

These teachers provide deep trauma plus they are sad because in a few weeks elementary school children in Aroanop and Jagamin will do the exam, but these teachers have to expel the school children because they have to undergo the treatment done by KKSB.

Please note that the teachers are contract teachers and PKL teachers from one of the universities in Papua.

Author / Editor: Kang Memed

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