Allegedly Intelligence, Missionaries Killed by Unknown People

Murder cases by Unknown People (OTK) resumed in Papua. This time the victim was a missionary named Berni Fellery Kunu (24) who served in Kampung Yabasorom Pamek District, Pegunungan Bintang District, Papua.

Head of Public Relations of Papua Police, Kombes Pol A.M Kamal revealed, the murder case occurred on Thursday (29/3). At that time a group of approximately 23 people (19 men and 4 women) came to the residence of the victim and two colleagues.

When the group arrived, Mervel Liogu (25) and Helena Abel (25) while cleaning the grass on the airstrip of Kampung Yabasorom of Pamek District, Pegunungan Bintang District, while the victims headed for the Yabasorom River, which is about 50 meters from their place of residence .

"They were approached by a group of these people with sharp objects in the form of machetes, bows and arrows and asked their purpose to be in Pamek District and whether some of them were working as Intel Indonesia," said Head of Public Relations of Papua Police, Kombes Pol AM Kama told reporters Saturday (31/3) afternoon.

"There is even one of these groups claiming to have served as an Independent Papua Organization (OPM) for 25 years," Kamal said.

It said the community group then conducted a search of the victim's residence and two colleagues.

"So this group is divided into two, a group of about 10 people search their homes, while 13 people follow the victims to the Yabasorom river," he said.

It was said, after the search, the two fellow victims feel scared so do not dare to come out of the house to look for victims who until the night did not return home.

Furthermore Kamal said, the next day Friday (30/3), both fellow victims together with a number of people looking for victims around the river and not far from the river was found a grave-like excavation.

"At the time of the excavation the victim was found dead, so the two fellow victims decided to immediately bring the victim to Jayapura and then to the Bhayangkara Polda Papua hospital.

After being examined at the Bhayangkara Polda Papua hospital, the victim was flown to a parent's house in Manado on Saturday (31/3) morning with NAM Air plane, to be buried.

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