West Papua Trans Road 1.070 KM Connected

RMOL. Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) continues to spur West Trans West Road along 1,070.62 km which is part of Trans Papua Road, which has now been successfully connected to the development.
The Way of Trans Road in the Province of West Papua, is the embodiment of Nawa Cita President Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla in building Indonesia from the region with the regions and villages within the state.
The presence of the trans road will also open up the isolation of the region, lowering the price level of goods freight and the reduction of development.
Minister PUPR Basuki Hadimuljono said people have started to feel the benefits of Trans Papua Road and Border Road Papua. Although the passing vehicle is still small, but residents who previously trekked through difficult terrain and full of long time, now the path more easily skipped and cut travel time.
West Papua Trans Road is divided into two segments / segments namely segment I Sorong-Maybrat-Manokwari (594.81 km) that connects two economic centers in West Papua Sorong and Manokwari roads can be reached within 14 hours. This road segment is also connected with the Port of Arar as a toll port that is part of the Special Economic Zone (KEK) of Sorong. 77 percent of the condition is paved and still paved along 134.88 km and 29.5 km of road geometric improvement is needed.
Meanwhile, the second segment of Manokwari-Mameh-Wasior-Batas Papua Province has successfully penetrated in December 2017. From 475,81 km long, paved conditions along 145.41 km, 330.41 km land pavement and should improve the geometric road along 38.24 km .
In mid-February 2018, the Directorate General (DGH) Directorate General of Highways led by Director of Road Development Achmad Gani Ghazali Akman and Head of BPJN XVII Yohanis Tulak Todingrara and Head of Central Road and Bridge (Pusjatan) Deded Permadi Sjamsudin tried segment II West Papua trans way. The journey starts from Nabire Regency and ends in Manokwari city with 22 hours by double park vehicle.
Director of Road Development Achmad Gani Gazali said the challenge in the development of Trans roads both in Papua and West Papua is a natural condition that is still a forest, mountains and weather. To overcome the conditions in the field, Directorate General of Highways in cooperation with Pusjatan. Besides, it is also done 3 shift work system so that the completion target can be achieved.
The availability of construction materials is also limited in Papua, but still actively striving to prioritize the materials available on the island of Papua.
Head of BPJN XVII Yohanis Tulak Todingrara said this year West Trans Papua's allocation of funds amounts to Rp 950 billion. The funds in addition to the road construction are also used for the construction of additional bridges because many.
Until the end of 2017, the number of bridges prepared or equaled with 125 bridges or equivalent to 3,350 meters. Construction of semi-permanent bridges using bailey bridges or wooden bridges.
"We are targeting to be completed in 2019. In this year we have handled the construction of 60 bridges that will also involve Pusjatan for mentoring," said Tulak. [***]

Source : http://rmol.co/amp/2018/02/27/328489/Jalan-Trans-Papua-Barat-1.070-KM-Tersambung-?__twitter_impression=true

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