Village Funds in Papua 2018

Reported from tabloidjubi, Head of Directorate General of Treasury of Papua Province Office, Syarwan, Monday (3/12/2018), said that Lanny Jaya District is the first district to disburse 100 percent of village fund in 2018 phase I, from seven other districts in Papua.

"Lanny Jaya District, Central Mamberamo, Puncak Jaya Regency, Pegunungan Bintang, Merauke, Asmat, and Boven Digoel. Meanwhile, Jayapura, Puncak, Jayapura and Jayawijaya will follow, "Syarwan told Jubi on Monday (12/3/2018).

"We emphasize in the disbursement there should be a perfume about the amount of village funds each village, because it is used as the basis of the village fund disbursement in 2018," he added.

In addition, Syarwan said, the number of funding of the village fund in 2018 is almost the same as last year but slightly decreased due to formula according to the rules.

"Actually not only the good administration that needs to be supervised but the utilization of the village's own funds for the community," he said.

Head of Budget Implementation Division of Directorate General of Treasury of Papua Province, Syarif, said there are five districts not yet salur because they have not updated the Local Regulation on Village Fund Distribution of Paniai, Nabire, Dogiyai, Intan Jaya and Deiyai districts.

"Information on the provision of funds for the first phase of village funds has been submitted to each local government on January 12, 2018 and at every opportunity, but some argued that the local regulation awaits the completion of the 2017 village fund realization report from each village," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the City Asset and Finance Agency (BPKAD) of Jayapura City, Adolof Siahaya, said Jayapura City is currently awaiting Musrenbang Kampung although the budget ceiling has been informed to 14 villages in Jayapura City for a total of Rp 104 billion.

"The village is still musrenbang. They must prepare APB Kampung. Terms that as a stage that exists, "he said.

Below is the ceiling of 2018 village fund disbursement in Papua (based on DGPB Papua):
Jayapura District, (Ceiling) Rp 11.86 billion
Biak Numfor Regency, (Pagu) Rp 180.82 billion
Regency of Yapen Islands, (Ceiling) Rp 119.63 billion
Merauke Regency, (Ceiling) Rp 181.80 billion
Jayawijaya Regency, (Pagu) Rp 240.30 billion
Paniai Regency, (Pagu) Rp 172.32 billion
Nabire Regency, (Pagu) Rp 76, 44 billion
Puncak Jaya Regency, (Pagu) Rp 242.72 billion
Regency of Mimika, (Ceiling) Rp 122.47 billion
Mappi Regency, (Pagu) Rp 135.26 billion
Asmat Regency, (Pagu) Rp 184.60 billion
Regency of Boven Digoel, (Ceiling) Rp 107.92 billion
Sarmi Regency, (Pagu) Rp 83.86 billion
Keerom Regency, (Ceiling) Rp 84.71 billion
Tolikara Regency, (Pagu) Rp 365.43 billion
Regency Pegunungan Bintang, (Ceiling) Rp 218.91 billion
Regency of Mamberamo Raya, (Pagu) Rp 73.62 Billion
Regency Waropen, (Pagu) Rp 83.95 billion
Yahukimo Regency, (Pagu) Rp 357.60 billion
Supiori District, (Pagu) Rp 34.10 billion
Central Mamberamo Regency, (Pagu) Rp 64.28 billion
Lanny Jaya Regency, (Pagu) Rp 246.37 billion
Dogiyai Regency, (Pagu) Rp 69.61 billion
Yalimo Regency, (Pagu) Rp 209.82 billion
Kabupaten Nduga, (Ceiling) Rp 177.33 billion
Puncak Regency, (Pagu) Rp 166.55 billion
Regency of Intan Jaya, (Pagu) Rp 92.18 billion
Regency of Deiyai, (Pagu) Rp 61.83 billion
City of Jayapura, (Ceiling) Rp 118.46 billion
Total ceiling, Rp 4.284, 84 trillion, the number of villages 5,420

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