The Distribution of Malaria Net in Timika Puskesmas reaches 70 percent

Quoted from papua.antaranews, As many as 70 percent of residents in the Timika community health unit of Timika, Mimika, Papua have used a malaria net which is shared by local health officials, while Mimika Health Office targets the Global Fund (GF) funding program to be completed in February.

Responsible (PJ) of Malaria Health Center Puskesmas Timika, Endah Lestari Amd, Keb in Timika, on Monday, mentioned the quota of malaria net which must be divided into its work area of ​​670 bal or 33,500 pieces.

"The limited factor of storage in Puskesmas becomes one of distribution constraints," he said.

He added that the supply of malaria nets is done gradually. January was entered 329 bal has been distributed all, February arrived 274 bales, some already divided and the next stage 67 bal, it has not entered because our storage is limited.

Another obstacle is the limited number of division officers, whereas a malarial bed bales weighing 85 kilograms. Plus the vehicle factor, the old ambulance Puskesmas can only be used after hours Posyandu.

Tackling that constraint, every Timika Health Center personnel living in the work area is burdened with the task of assisting the distribution of malaria nets in their respective neighborhoods. Timika PUKESSM officers deliberately did not ask for assistance to the head of RT-RW because the distribution program of malarial nets is not budgeted.

Of the seven villages and one village in the work area of ​​Timika Health Center, the remaining three urban villages have not been completed, namely Kwamki, Otomona, Kebun Sirih and Kelurahan Perintis. Malarious malaria net is distributed by group of sleepers not based on the head of the family.

"In fact, we found that there were 15 groups of sleepers, so we still give 15 malaria nets, if malaria mosquitoes work in malaria nets should die, the malaria nets can survive for three to five years if used and treated as directed" said Endah.

Mimika regency 2018 got ration of malaria net 112,400 fruit nets through funded program Global Fund. The distributed netting is 190 centimeters long, 180 centimeters wide and 180 feet high.

Mimika regency until 2018 is still one of the five districts in Papua province which is the largest contributor of malaria cases at the national level. This is a consideration the Ministry of Health directed the Mass Malaria Massage Program in Mimika Regency.

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