The Construction of Holtekam Bridge Reaches 95 Percent

Quoted from papua.antaranews, Director of Infrastructure of PT Pembangunan Perumahan (PP) M Toha Fauzi said that the construction of the Holtekam Bridge has reached 95 percent.

"The 732-meter bridge is expected to be completed on next July or two months earlier than the contract," Toha Fauzi told reporters during the span installation of the Holtekam Bridge in Jayapura on Thursday.

He said after the span of the bridge has been completed then the construction is easier due to live welding, casting and finishing (finishing). The new welding will be done on Friday (16/3) after the second span is actually in position, and the span II appointment is estimated to take about four hours.

"Hopefully the appointment of span II takes place without constraints, and also with supportive weather," said Toha. Meanwhile, Vice Mayor of Jayapura Rustam Saru admitted, the construction of Holtekam Bridge can shorten the distance if people want to border or to Keerom Regency.

The existence of a bridge across Humbold Bay can shorten the distance of about 12 km and will become an icon of Jayapura City.

Jayapura municipal government will solve their responsibility by build a connection road to the bridge along 300 meters by allocating Rp 35 billion, said Rustam Saru. The appointment of span I has been done on February 21st.

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