Polda Papua Improve Their Cyber Patrol Ability

Quoted from papua.antaranews, Polda Papua is trying to improve cyber patrol for its personnel, through socialization involving the Bureau of Multi Media of Public Relations Division of Police Headquarters.

Kapolda Papua, Irjen Pol Boy Rafli Amar, in Jayapura on Tuesday, said the socialization of cyber patrols is closely linked to legal oversight in 2018 direct elections and 2019 presidential elections in Bumi Cenderawasih.

"The socialization of this cyber patrol can be utilized as an arena for capacity building of knowledge related to multimedia activities and cyber world," said Boy Rafli Amar.

According to him, the rampant crime of the virtual world so patrols are no longer like the real world, therefore, each member of the Police must have the ability in that field.

"The virtual world has become a law regulated space by our country. In earlier, we have UU ITE number 11 of 2008, now converted into UU number 19 of 2016, namely positive law of the state, that regulate the virtual world, that in electronic transaction activities all citizens must obey the rule of law applicable in accordance with the rules that have been set, "he said.

Former Head of Public Relations Division of Police Headquarters said that cyberspace is not empty space, not empty space that people can do anything, even though the virtual world must obey the rules, should not blasphemous, should not disseminate information about SARA issues.

"Or insulting people etc. There is a prohibition if there will be criminal sanctions, we as law enforcement must ensure that in the cyber world the law must be upright, in order to maintain law order in cyberspace then we must be present," he said.

The former Banten police chief also conveyed in carrying out cyber patrols, the police implemented it on behalf of the state on behalf of the Police of the Republic of Indonesia not on behalf of the person and in the case of his activities where doing security in cyberspace, if can find anything negative must be able to take anticipatory steps.

Meanwhile, the head of the Public Relation Division of Kombes Pol, Drs Supriadi MM, expressed his gratitude to Kapolda Papua for giving the opportunity to socialize the multi media to the police in Cendrawasih Earth.

"We give this socialization related to the rampant issue circulating in social media both SARA, hate speech and so on, in tandem with the development we see, that, we should immediately convey to the police officers about the ability of patrolling cyber who do not use the vehicle but by way of IT , "he said.

"Cyber ​​patrol especially related to negative issues, both against the Police institution, the government and more with the integrity of NKRI," he continued.

The socialization which was held by the Bureau of Multi Media of Public Relations Division of Police Headquarter was held from Monday (19/3) to Wednesday (21/3) led by the Head of Police Public Relations Division team of Drs Supriadi and Kombes Pol Sugeng HS and attended by Head of Public Relations of Polda Papua Kombes Pol Drs AM Kamal SH, the main officials, public relations members and members of the Police Intelligence Police.

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