Pertamina Extends Range of BBM One Price

JAYAPURA - The management of PT Pertamina (Persero) Marketing Operation Region (MOR) VIII Maluku-Papua is focusing on extending the range of BBM Satu Price program after all districts have owned channeling institutions (SPBU Kompak) in 2018.

"Pertamina's previous year will focus on all districts with channeling institutions, if this year we focus more on extending the range of BBM Satu Price," said Pertamina Fail Retail Marketing Manager Manda VIII Fanda Chrismianto in Jayapura, last weekend, as quoted by Antara.

For the first step, Pertamina will add one channeling institution in Lanny Jaya Regency, Papua Province. The reason, this district has a large area. In Lanny Jaya, there is now one channeling agency in Tiom District.

"What will be the operation is in Pirime District, we are extending its reach. Lanny Jaya is vast territory, pity if there is only one channeling agency, "said Fanda. Currently the building for this channel is ready. "We are planning this week the physical checks are only constrained by tribal wars," he continued.

According to Fanda, with the existing target, Pertamina must be keen to draw up a work plan. This is because the BBM Satu Price program is still one of the government's priorities as a form of distribution of development throughout the territory of Indonesia.

"Strived (channeling institutions in Lanny Jaya) in March 2018 is operational. Because the target is 14 points, while the number of months is only 12, so we must make the timeline so that all is achieved in 2018, "he said.

He also claims now Pertamina already has partners to build 14 point channeling institutions with priority of local men. "From the target of 14 points of fuel development of One Price in MOR VIII, all of them have an adarekanan. Currently the process of completing documents while building, while waiting for the permits, "said Fanda.

As the BBM One Price roadmap, the government targets the operation of 150 channeling institutions by 2019. Detailedly, as many as 54 points will be completed by 2017, then 50 points in 2018 and 46 points by 2019. This year's territory is an area with land and sea infrastructure which is quite good. In the next year, the company will begin to work on areas with limited land and sea infrastructure. Finally in 2019, Pertamina completed the area with infrastructure that is quite difficult or even absent.

This One Price BBM program is based on Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 36 of 2016 on Accelerating the Enforcement of One Price of Specific Fuel Type (JBT) & Specific Fuel Type Assignment (JBKP). (ayu)

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