Keep the United of Indonesia, Papuan make one determination to reject HOAX

Hundreds of people from various communities, community groups, community and religious leaders, and students in Papua held an anti-hoax declaration at Imbi Park in Jayapura City on Tuesday (13/03/2018). Activities initiated by the Papua Police Department aims to invite all elements of society to unite the resolve to reject the false or hoax news.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Boy Rafli Amar revealed today that hoax has grown to become a bad habit in using social media. Though hoax is a lie and violation of law.

"We do not want any disunity due to false or hoaxed news, we do not want this fact-based information to mislead people's understanding and fool people," the police chief said on the sidelines of the event on Tuesday (13/03/2018).

He also hoped, the Papuan people can filter their own information received. Because hoax news is often rolled out deliberately by certain elements to create chaos.

"We hope that the declaration will be born among the people, especially the users of medsos to build a healthy and law-abiding life in cyberspace," he said.

Meanwhile, one of the Youth Leaders, Hendrik Yance Udam asked all parties not to use hoax as a tool to bring down certain candidates who fought in elections Serentak 2018 in Papua.

"Papuan youths strongly condemn the false propagators, because the hoax is part of a separatist movement that wants to divide the unity of the nation.Police should intensify patrolling cyber crime team to ward off hoax news in cyberspace," he said.

In the anti-hoax declaration, representatives of Women, Youth and Religious Leaders read the declaration of anti-hoax statements. The statement contains a commitment to strongly and firmly reject all forms of hoax news spread.

In addition, the Forkompimda elements of Papua, among others, Kapolda Papua, Inspector General Pol. Boy Rafli Amar, Pjs. Governor of Papua, Major General (Ret) Soedarmo, and Kasdam XVII Cendrawasih, Brig. Gen. I Nyoman Cantiasa also delivered an anti hoax speech.

Source : rri

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