Improve Public Security and Order, NGO Counselor Warmare Pioneer of Postal Creation of Environmental Security System

In order to anticipate the crime space every individual should be responsible for creating environmental security. Babinsa Koramil 1703-04 / Warmare Kopda Ida Karnapi conducts activities of making Siskamling Post with the people of Dusun Handuk kampung Matoa Distric Prafi Kab. Manokwari Prov. West Papua, Thursday (15/03/2018).
The received release mentioned that on the occasion of making Siskamling post, Babinsa Koramil 1703-04 / Warmare gives understanding to the people about the importance of maintaining environmental security by always wary of people who want to enter without permission into the village residents or events in the village that must be known by the citizens because the residents who carry out siskamling activities to the eyes and ears for other citizens.
"This Siskamling activity is very positive to maintain the security and order in the community, and to foster togetherness among the citizens, to create an increasingly conducive environment situation, it is of course required the active role of all citizens" imbunhnya.
On the occasion, Babinsa Koramil 1703-04 / Warmare, Kopda Ida Karnapi also invited all of its citizens to further promote Siskamling activities, in order to maintain and improve conditions in the region to remain conducive. "I am very grateful to the people who have consciously participated in this siskamling activity, although until now there has been no siskamling posts made and now Babinsa and residents work together to make this siskamling Post as a manifestation of concern for the importance of safe environment" closed Kopda Ida Karnapi.

Source : Portal-Komando

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