Holtekamp bridge Completed July 2018

Public Works and Housing Minister Basuki Hadimuljono said Holtekamp Bridge as the longest steel arch bridge in Papua, is targeted to be completed in July 2018 from early September 2018.

The 732-meter bridge is above Youtefa Bay that connects Jayapura City with Muara Tami District in Papua Province. Later the travel time from Jayapura City to the border Skouw faster than the original 2.5 hours to 60 minutes.
The construction of the Holtekamp Bridge, in addition to facilitating connectivity, will encourage the development of the Jayapura area to the East towards Skouw. This is also supported by the development of the Skouw border region as the embryo of a new economic center which has been completed by the State Border Post (PLBN) building and continued with the market development.

"(The existence of the bridge) will control the rate of development of Jayapura City in the western part of the mountains and very risky damage the forest as a catchment area for the sustainability of Jayapura City," explained Minister Basuki while reviewing the construction site Holtekamp Bridge, Papua, Saturday (17/03 / 2018).
The next development is for water tourism area. The design of the area arrangement has been made by the Ministry of PUPR by involving architect Yori Antar.
During the visit, Minister Basuki saw two main spans that had been completed by appointment using tugboat.
"Thank to God "Alhamdulillah", the two main spans have gone up safely. This is the work of proud children of the nation. That's why I invited yel yel Engineer Indonesia great. They do this with great care under the supervision of the Bridge and Road Tunnel Safety Commission (KKJTJ) and Construction Safety Committee. Hopefully this will be a good start for future infrastructure development, "explained Minister Basuki.
Each of the main span length is 112.5 meters, height 20 meters and weighs 2,000 tons. Made completely in PT. PAL Indonesia in Surabaya and first major span delivery was made on 3 December 2017 released by Minister Basuki and arrived on December 21, 2017 While the second span was delivered on December 17, 2017 and arrived on January 2, 2018.
Both spans are sent by boat and travel for 3,200 km. The main challenges in lifting both spans, in addition to the burden are weather conditions, water currents, and wind.
The construction of the bridge is financed by the Ministry of PUPR, while the Provincial Government of Papua finances the construction of the approach road from Holtekamp, and the Jayapura City Government builds the approach road from Hamadi direction. It is targeted for the entire bridge and completed roads by the end of 2018 to come.
The cost of building the main span of the bridge is Rp 943 billion, which is done by a consortium of PT. PP as a leader, PT Hutama Karya and PT Nindya Karya.
Accompanying Minister Basuki, Director General of Highways Arie Setiadi Moerwanto, Director General of Cipta Karya Sri Hartoyo, Director of PT.PP M.Toha Fauzi, Head of National Road Implementation Center XVIII Jayapura Osman H. Marbun, Head of River Territory (BWS) Merauke Nimrod Rumaropen and Head of Public Communication Bureau Endra S. Atmawidjaja.
Source : independensi

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