What exactly are anti-government groups fighting for like KNPB, NRFPB and ULMWP? This question is often asked by some political figures both inside and outside the country, even the people of Papua itself questioned it in many social media and online media.

KNPB and NRFPB itself focuses on campaigning domestically to separate Papua and Indonesia, while ULMWP concentrates on campaigning abroad. However, from the beginning of these three groups up to now, never seen the same vision and mission, it also reinforces the UN Decolonization Committee strictly rejected a referendum submitted by ULMWP at the occasion of the UN General Assembly in September 2017.

The UN Decolonization Committee considers ULMWP to fabricate the results of the referendum and falsify the data. Ultimately, ULMWP never represents all Papuans, even within Papua itself there are other groups with different interests, the interests of which refer to a single purpose , ie the interests of a handful of people.

The past 21st MSG Summit on 10-15 February 2018, held in PNG, showed a phenomenon of conflict between these groups, in the summit came some of the three groups, but there was no synergy between the three, more visible dropping each other. 

Even Jacob Rumbiak, who was a ULMWP figure himself, quit the summit without a clear explanation, it indicated that Jacob Rumbiak was embarrassed that Benny Wenda and Okto Motte were forced down from the podium by all delegates because the direction of the conversation was inconsequential and out of context. With the phenomenon, of course the people of Papua are more intelligent, these three groups proved that they never fight for the people of Papua, more strongly, they fight for the interests of power, material and personal popularity only.

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