Frans Anggawen: SMEs In Merauke Growing Rapidly

Head of Department of Cooperatives and SMEs in Merauke City, Frans Anggawen, S. Sos, M. Si stated that SMEs opened in Merauke City continue to experience rapid development. More and more people are managing businesses and moving in various sectors such as restaurants, workshops, rental cars and computer rentals. Therefore since last year it was incentive to do data collection although admittedly not all businesses have been recorded.
Some districts are already listed with the number up to 1300 more specifically for micro businesses. As for small businesses there are about 50 businesses. The districts that have not been recorded include Semangga District, Tanah Miring and Jagebob because it is still in process. He explained, for businesses that have been included in the category of medium and large scale has not done assistance and more focus on small businesses.
"SMEs in Merauke are growing extraordinarily but the most prominent are still houses or food stalls. Of course, many factors that cause the best-selling business this one because many people are busy working in the office so prefer to buy food outdoors, "he told reporters at Hotel Itese, last Thursday (15/3). According to him, the existence of a restaurant makes things more practical, especially for husband and wife who work.
Of course not have free time to cook because it can only be done during holidays only. No wonder if there are people who open a shop or restaurant there must be buyers who come. This shows that business in this field is promising in Merauke. Certainly must be supported also with sufficient capital and food sold hygienically. Although all back again depends on the taste of food as an attraction therefore a food stall should be able to maintain the flavor.

Source : Papuanews

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