Dishub Mimika Procures Inter-District Bus Procurement

Quoted from, The Mimika Regency Transportation Office, Papua Province, programmed the procurement of sea buses that will be used to reach Mimika coastal districts.

Head of Dishub Mimika Yan S Purba in Timika on Monday said the small boat resembles a bus with a capacity of 50 passengers so it called the sea bus, will be purchased with the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) 2018.

"The amount is only one unit of DAK allocation amount's more than Rp4 billion. The fund is also for the procurement of one unit of mass transit buses." said Yan.

However, Yan estimates the procurement of the bus will be delayed considering that the DAK project is also not yet able to be auctioned because it has to go through the Working Group on Procurement of Goods and Services through LPSE which has not yet been established.

For that, he hopes that in the near future, Pokja LPSE is immediately get the Decree Regent Mimika Eltinus Omaleng so that work can run in accordance with the time specified.

"The design of the sea bus itself requires approximately seven months, and if it has not been auctioned in the near future, then the possibility of this work is too late," he said.

The sea bus procurement program intended to connect the district and district centers is a continuous program of Dishub Mimika from the previous program which is the provision of fiber boats for residents in a number of villages in several districts to link villages to districts in 2016 and 2017.

"We hope that connectivity from the villages, districts and districts can be overcome by 2018 by boat or which we call the sea bus from the city center to the district center or vice versa," he said.

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