Dinkes Papua Invites The Ministry of Religious Affairs to Socialize The MR Vaccine

Quoted from papua.antaranews, Health Office (Dinkes) Papua Province will involve the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Education to jointly socialize the Rubella (MR) Measles vaccine.

"We are working with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Education to synchronize and advocate together with vaccines," said Kasi Surveillance and Immunization for Dinkes Papua Province Togu Sihombing, in Jayapura on Wednesday.

Cooperation was also conducted for vaccine examination, do not let anyone look haram or different from the beliefs of citizens.

"Therefore, the DHO involves the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Religious Affairs," he said.

He explained that the Ministry of Religious Affairs was involved in order to socialize the MR vaccination in mosques and churches. "Nationally, throughout Indonesia there is a campaign of MR vaccination program to ward off measles and rubella in regencies / cities in the province," said Togu.

The MR vaccination program targets two diseases namely measles and rubella. Nationally, Indonesia has implemented this program in 2017 but only in Java and its surroundings.

While special in the eastern Indonesia region of Maluku, Borneo, Ambon and Papua it will be implemented in 2018 in August and September. He added that the vaccine targeted children, aged nine months, until the age of 19 years.

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