Papua Island’s Fishery Potential is Enormous

Fishery and marine potential in the territory of Papua Island is abundant because this region has very wide territorial waters and also has various types of marine biota of high economic value. Therefore, the fishery and marine sector is one of the leading sectors in West Papua Province that is a source of Local Regional Revenue. The fishery and marine sector in West Papua province has huge opportunity for continuous drive and development. Most of the fishery production in this area is in the form of capture fisheries, marine aquaculture, pond, pool, pen, floating net and rice fields (mina padi), and marine aquaculture is the largest contributor in the fishery sector of West Papua province. Therefore, in accordance with the theme of regional development based on the potential and superiority of the region, West Papua’s major development theme is; Acceleration of maritime economic development through the development of fishing industry and maritime tourism, and; Acceleration of the development of cultural and natural tourism through the development of socio-cultural potential and biodiversity. The strategy of maintaining and conserving an aquatic area that has high ecological value is by controlling marine aquaculture activities that threaten marine biodiversity. The strategy for the development of minapolitan areas includes developing a fishery designated area equipped with infrastructure and facilities, which is supported by appropriate technology and pays attention to the welfare of the community. Developing areas for industry based on fishery commodity; d. Developing a fishery designated area equipped with infrastructure and facilities with due attention to the welfare of the indigenous people.

Source : Tabloid West Papua Edisi 3

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