Jayapura Ready To Succeed PON 2020

Quoted from Pasificpos, The Government of Jayapura, is ready to succeed the delivery of the National Sports Week (PON) to XX 2020 in Papua Province.
Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tomy Mano convey, Jayapura City Government is ready 100 percent support the implementation of PON XX 2020. Because this four-year multi-event is a national agenda that we must support.
"Jayapura City is one of the clusters as the host in the National Sports Week (PON) XX in 2020. So in preparation we are very ready in everything," he said in front of PB PON team led PB PON Secretary Yusuf Yambe Yabdi on Thursday (22/2/2018).
At this meeting PB PON team directly bring Wiliam Wongso entrepreneurs, to arrange and plan consumption in each cluster PON implementation in 2020.
"The Government of Jayapura remains committed to support the Papua Provincial Government's program for the implementation of PON 2020 in Papua New Guinea," said Mano.
In order to support the 2020 PON, then it has formed a team of eleven. Even it has done a special meeting and discussed many things whether lodging, transportation and consumption and other things to support the PON 2020 in the Land of Papua.
Meanwhile, PB PON Secretary Yusuf Yambe Yabdi said that his party really expect support from the Mayor of Jayapura both for successful organizing and successful consumption at PON 2020 for the cluster of Jayapura City. "We thank you very much for the Mayor's willingness to help in the success of consumption in PON 2020," said Yusuf.
While Masterchef Wiliam Wongso said, the most important thing is we have to provide facilities. Because the PON 2020 we will prepare consumption for 60 thousand athletes and official of 34 Provinces that will spread to five clusters host PON.
"It is important that we provide an initial description for the preparation of this consumption so that PB PON and clusters that host PON 2020 can make a plan in the preparation of raw materials because we want the food that is consumed hygiene and sanitation. something for athletes or official, "Wongso said.
The other thing the quality of the food should be better, fresh. And of course the taste of the archipelago must appear in the PON and also the wisdom of each province.
"All clusters should prepare this consumption well.All must be calculated well.Because in this city of Jayapura there will be 19 thousand athletes and Official dab will be here so the need for food must be more. We must calculate the stock of food availability here. Do not let the problem occur later, "Wongso closed.

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