AIP Rural Encourages Economic Improvement of Papua Farmers

Sorong, (Antaranews Papua Barat) - The Indonesian Government is partnering with the Australian government through the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Rural Economic Development (AIP Rural) to boost the income of small farmers in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

Head of Communications at AIP Rural Muhammad Karim Wirasaputra in Sorong said Monday there are four programs conducted by AIP Rural in encouraging farmers' economic improvement in Papua and West Papua Provinces namely Prism, Safira, Tirta and Arisa.

He explains, Prism is helping to spur the growth of value chain by reducing burdens and obstacles to productivity, performance, and market access for farmers.

Safira is a financial strengthening that is, strengthening the financing of agricultural value chains to expand access to formal financing for farmers. Tirta is irrigation that is increasing irrigation access for poor farmers by encouraging investment in water management by usage groups and the private sector.

"While Arisa is a research that is testing the way to encourage industrial cooperation with research and development bodies to state the new technology in order to improve the competitiveness of farmers," he said.

He said that the program was done by the Provinces of Papua and West Papua gradually. The territory of the province of Papua is carried out in Biak Numfor and Yapen Islands. While the area of ​​West Papua Province activities carried out in the District of Sorong, Manokwari, Kaimana and Fakfak.

It said the economic improvement program of small farmers in the provinces of Papua and West Papua focus on vegetable farmer groups and seaweed farming groups.

In order for this program to run well, he said, AIP Rural work with various parties. Especially for the development of vegetable cooperation with PT. Ewindo, Yayasan Bina Tani Sejahtera and UD. Konco Tani.

In order to increase the production of seaweed farmers, AIP Rural in cooperation with Fisheries Marine Office, PT Indonusa Algaemas Primi to get quality seeds. Working closely with Bank Papua to support capital for seaweed farmers who lack capital.

"Cooperation with various institutions aims to make farmers easy to get production capital, production output increases, and the production can be marketed at a satisfactory price so that farmers do not lose and continue to produce," he said. (*)

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