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Following the inauguration of the new ULMWP membership, along with the office of the West Papua independence organization in Port Vila, Vanuatu, last December, it now leaves only local and international questions about when ULMWP officials will reside at the office.

As quoted from papuapost.wordpress.com, on the statement of West Papua Revolutionary Army (TRWP) from Defense Center Headquarters (MPP) namely:
"When will the political leaders and diplomacy of the Free Papua unite and settle in one place to work in the office of the Free Papua Movement (ULMWP office)?"
Since long ago Seth Jafeth Roemkorem as Chairman of the OPM / President of the Provisional Government of the West West Republic lived in the Netherlands, Benny Wenda the head of ULMWP lives in England, Jacob Hendrik Pray established OPM office in Malmo Sweden, and Rex Rumakiek and others ran diplomatic activities outside of Papua , on behalf of West Papua's independence overseas.

According to  the deceased  Dr. Ondawame, doctors of OPM, diplomatic officials only attach importance to their ego-ego and self-interest, which is covered in the name of West Papuan independence out there. As a result, the struggle for liberation is done on their own land, in Papua.

Until now, still raises many questions, what are their jobs out there ?, how is their life ?, what are they doing to West Papua from out there? How often does the ULMWP board meet ?, how committed are they ?.

Many Papuans have begun to openly, consciously and logically think that they are being lied to, by West Papuan independence activists abroad, many who think they should not be separated, united, and without commitment clear. They are aware that they have been used only to seek voice and support for the personal interests of Free Papua activists abroad such as fundraising, which is unclear as to what their interests, their urgency, and their relationship to independence in Papua.

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